Hussite Warfare

Alexander Querengässer / Sascha Lunyakov
Translated by Richard L. Sanders

The Armies, Equipment, Tactics and Campaigns 1419-1437

With the outbreak of the Hussite Revolution in 1419, Bohemia found itself opposed by a superior force of European crusader armies. German knighthood was experiencing its last heyday. But the Bohemian heretics’ army, under the leadership of energetic commanders like Jan Ziska, developed tactics with which they won one battle after another. The employment of the defensive Wagenburg („wagon castle“) and intensive use of the first cannon as field artillery brought them many successes. The Hussites were the first soldiers since Roman times to employ all the available branches in coordination on the battlefield. This book highlights not just the history of the conflicts, but also the weapons and military branches, organization and tactics of the Hussite armies.

  • 144 pages
  • Paperback
  • 64 moustly colour illustrations, 10 maps, 18 color plates by Sascha Lunyakov
  • English edition of „Die Heere der Hussiten“ (Heere & Waffen No. 25 and 26)

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ISBN: 978-3-96360-017-3
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