Costumes of the Armies engaged at Waterloo

Charles Lyall

Volume 2: The Allied Armies

Drawn from authentic sources by the artist Charles James Lyall, one of the classic English uniform artists at the beginning of the 20thcentury. In 1894 Lyall launched a series of uniform plates on the armies at Waterloo in 1815. Lyall compiled series of numerous uniform prints of British, Indian and various European armies and epochs. His works can be found in the large uniform collections such as the Anne S. K. Brown Collection, USA.
This volume presents the Allied armies of 1815 with Dutch-Belgian, Hanoverian (including the King’s German Legion – KGL), Nassau and Brunswick units.
The volume addresses the foreign units that took part in the 1815 campaign in the Netherlands with the Duke of Wellington, whose British Army was presented in the first volume. Along with the Hanoverian units, either as the KGL or as new formations that were created in the Kingdom of Hanover starting in 1813, these were primarily troops from the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
They consisted not only of the original Dutch but also Belgian units plus a small Nassau contingent. The smallest body of troops was the contingent provided by the Duke of Brunswick.

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