German Paratroopers Volume 2 available

Volume 2 of the definitive work on the German Paratroopers is finally available since 10th november 2016

5Z135In the 368 pages of this second of the projected three volumes of German Paratroopers – Uniforms and Equipment 1936-1945 the author, Karl Veltzé, not only takes a very detailed look at the Fallschirmjäger helmets – more than a third of this volume is dedicated to them – , but also deals with the paratroopers’ special equipment (gasmask bags, hand grenade bags, ammunition bandoleers, medic equipment). The standard field equipment is covered next, followed by a chapter devoted to the individual and crew-served weapons utilized by the German airborne forces; among these are both versions of the special FG 42 paratrooper rifle.The parachutes used by the German paras are examined on 40 pages, whilst the last chapter looks at their drop containers.

This volume follows the development of the many pieces of equipment used by the German paratroopers from the early days to the last days of the Third Reich, describing in great detail the characteristics of the various models.

Six years of research and collaboration with some of the most important Fallschirmjäger collections have gone into these volumes so far. Collectors and military enthusiasts will be able to study some of the rarest original pieces and find a lot of interesting and new information in these pages. The full-colour photographs of the various items are accompanied by hundreds of period photos, more than 150 of them not published before, showing helmets, equipment and weapons in wear.

  • Available in English and German.
  • 368 pages
  • 1,250 colour and b/w photos
  • Large format: 8.8’ x 11.8’
  • Hard cover with deluxe binding and dust jacket
  • More than 6 years of preparation and research in public and private archives
    Items from the most advanced collections worldwide were photographed for this series

The sample pages on the „Zeughaus Verlag“ page have been updated in the meantime. Whereas before they showed mostly helmets, now they also include bandos, an FG 42, a R.Z. 1 parachute

German Paratroopers

I hope to meet some of the forum members at the Kassel show in November, to finally put faces to the names. We’re still looking for interesting material for volume 3….

  • 132 pages dedicated to helmets, 54 to special para equipment, 40 normal equipment, 52 on weapons, 40 on parachutes and, finally, another 32 on drop containers.
  • 45 helmets, uncovered incl. all 3 models
  • 11 helmet covers
  • 11 helmets with wire camo etc
  • 7 gas mask bags
  • 4 hand grenade bags
  • 17 bandos
  • both FG 42 bandos
  • para medics’ pouches incl. rare blue one
  • all 4 patterns of parachutes, incl. some modern packing of chutes
  • 368 pages
  • 6 years of work & preps / in the making

German Paratroopers – Volume 1 available

Now available: Volume 1 – Uniforms

Karl Veltzé

German Paratroopers
Uniforms and Equipment 1936 -1945

The books will be indispensable to collectors, uniform enthusiasts and military historians alike. This three-volume work is the most comprehensive and detailed study of the World War II German paratrooper to date, providing in-depth examinations of nearly every uniform item—including all models of jump smocks—and equipment used from the airborne forces’ establishment in the mid-1930s to May 1945. It also extensively covers specific insignia and various unique ephemera. Finally, the work provides in-depth summaries of the operations the “Green Devils” fought in, from the air assaults on Norway, Belgium’s Fort Eben Emael, Holland and Crete, over ground combat in North Africa, Russia, Italy and Normandy through the Battle of the Bulge and on to the last days of the Third Reich.

The author and publisher were able to draw on an unprecedented degree of cooperation with collectors and museums from all over the world. The three volumes run to more than 1,000 pages, with thousands of specially commissioned color photographs of original Fallschirmjäger artefacts, some of them never shown before, accompanied by many unique period black and white images, many of them hitherto unpublished.

More informations

Jetzt lieferbar: 1799 – 1815

Die russischen Maler der Gegenwart können in Bezug auf die Schlachtenmalerei auf eine lange Tradition zurückgreifen. Da verwundert es nicht, dass die jüngsten Gemälde durch Lebendigkeit aber auch Genauigkeit in Bezug auf die Uniformen und historischen Ereignisse hervorstechen. Bisher waren die Schlachtengemälde nahezu ausschließlich in russischsprachigen Büchern veröffentlicht worden. Daher ist es erfreulich, dass mit dem vorliegenden Buch nun auch eine Veröffentlichung von Schlachtengemälden zur napoleonischen Zeit mit deutschem Begleittext vorliegt. Nahezu alle großen militärischen Ereignisse zwischen 1799 und 1815 werden festgehalten. Die großartigen Gemälde wurden von dem russischen Künstler A. Jeschow geschaffen, der leider viel zu früh verstorben ist. Viele seiner Gemälde sind von Zvezda-Figurenpackungen bekannt.

Für die Übersetzung konnten wir Dr. Janoschke gewinnen. Dies war ein Glücksgriff, denn er beherrscht nicht nur die russische Sprache, sondern ist zugleich Historiker und konnte so den Text auf historische Fakten prüfen und zahlreiche Fehler im Originaltext korrigieren. So ist ein Buch entstanden, welches sowohl einen Überblick über die Ereignisse der Jahre 1799 bis 1815 verschafft, zugleich aber auch viele Episoden der Feldzüge beschreibt. Darunter bekannte und viele weniger bekannte Ereignisse.

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